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Operate in the area of life you will have the greatest Influence.

We all need to know if we are better suited to working with information, people or things. Watch this short video and discover the importance of knowing your Domain of Influence.


Three Life Roles – Make Your Mark on the World

LivingMyPurposeLogo-finalWhich one of the three roles does your superpower play in making your mark on the world?

Many of us fall into the trap of trying to live our lives in a role that may not suit us. There has been a lot of research done in this area by both the Gallup polls and by bestselling author, Peter Drucker. He wrote the book, ‘The Effective Executive’, and extensively discussed this topic.

So, which one of the three life roles should you use to make your mark on the world? The three life roles are the following:

  • Leader- 10% of the world’s population: Leaders are people who set things into motion and know how to get things done.
  • Manager- 30% of the world’s population: Managers are the types who run organizations and put things into action.
  • Practitioner- 60% of the world’s population: Practitioners are people who do the work. Examples would be doctors, lawyers, dentists, carpenters, and plumbers… etc.

Let’s take the time to break these life roles down and look closely at each one.


  • Leaders want to know the “why” of an issue: They like to begin with the why and build from there.
  • Leaders lead with Effectivity: They make sure they are doing the right thing. Nothing is more useless than doing something really well, that shouldn’t have been done in the first place.
  • Leaders know how to figure out the right things to implement to create action: They apply principles and concepts, ideologies, vision, and mission to any problem.
  • Leaders are concerned about: Getting the right people, in the right place, doing the right things, the right way, for the right reasons… creating success.


  • Managers are focused on the ‘what’ of an issue: What are the tasks to be accomplished to achieve the goal? What standards are needed to complete the objective?
  • Managers are Efficient: They make sure the job is well done. They know how to integrate the leader’s principles and concepts into the workers methods and processes. They enforce protocol and direction.


  • Practitioners are people who know how to get things done: They know how to follow directions and procedures to do the job right.
  • Practitioners are the people who do the work: They are proficient and implement the methods and processes in the context of the principles and concepts governing their use.

It is clear that life roles should be based on ones superpowers (traits and attributes) to power them, and that life roles are dependent upon life orientation, life domain, and interest to give them context. For example, I am a leader, but I am philosophical in nature, so I need to lead from a philosophical perspective. I also need to acknowledge my life domain, which is information. This helps me to understand I am best when I am researching and obtaining information to lead individuals in the philosophical issues of life. So, I am a thought leader verses an organizational leader. There is a difference.

What is your formula for success? What are your SUPERPOWERS? I use Compass in my practice, Living My Purpose, to help inspire my clients, to help them learn about their superpowers and how to engage their SUPER POWERED POTENTIAL to change the world for the better.

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What seven SUPERPOWERS will you use to change the world?


shutterstock_812212What seven SUPERPOWERS will you use to change the world? We have unique traits, attributes, and behaviors inside of all of us. They help fuel the true genius within us; they are our SUPERPOWERS! Everybody has them, it’s shown through our various activities done naturally and effectively. Superpowers are a person’s internal traits, behaviors, and personality. Most of us know we have special talents, but it is tough to pinpoint our strengths, and therefore it is difficult to harness our superpowers and utilize our genius to live a life of purpose.

Your secret genius is built inside of you. It is not something you can learn. You can see it physically in an athlete. They are naturally coordinated and have the endurance and strength to be successful with sports. Everyone is brilliant in one way or another. Some people are gregarious extroverts, and thrive in front of a crowd and work well with people, while others are gifted at quantifying things, getting the facts of a situation, and prefer a predictable routine.

Knowing a lot of information does not measure your superpowers, because knowledge is a POOR indicator of your true genius. Learning facts on various subjects might come easily for you, but that does not mean you should pursue a lifelong career in those fields of study. Your natural traits can be identified by psychometric assessments, which include the scientifically based: Strengths Finder, DISC, and Myers Briggs.

I like to use the seven different results from these assessments to help people understand their strengths, talents, behavior aptitudes, habits, and personalities. If you want to shift away from living a reactive life, and live more intentionally and purposefully, then it is important to know what your superpowers are and learn how to use them.

I’d like to use three of my superpower traits from my personal profile as an example:

  • Brainstormer: I see connections between phenomena and I make sense of things that others do not see. This ability produces ideas about everything around me. I have a constant desire to stimulate new ideas.
  • ID- Delegator: I want to look good. I have the ability to win others over to my point of view through both my friendly manner and my talent to impress people with my enthusiasm and optimism. I can achieve most of my objectives.
  • ENTJ- I have natural born leadership instincts. Often, I’ll see a problem as an opportunity to pursue a challenge and a means to my ultimate success, authority, and status.

All of these traits are correct and highlight my talents as a master coach and business strategist.

I use Compass in my practice to inspire my clients to discover and use their SUPER POWERED POTENTIAL!!! Would you like to learn more? Leave a comment and tell us what you think… or go to:  or check out our YouTube Channel!

Four Superpowers that Shape Your Potential

PPTCornerBubbleKnowing you have hidden talents, is like knowing you have superpowers, but it is really difficult to use them properly if you don’t know what they are or how they work. We all have things we do very well, it’s called potential. I like to call them superpowers because those are the attributes that inspire individuals to live their true purpose in life.

Have you deployed your Superpowers? Are you living your true genius? Most of us live our lives based upon things we know, or what is expected of us. I would like to help you discover your innate superpowers. Albert Einstein famously said, “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” Once you witness a fish swimming in the water, you can see its true genius. You can see the superpower of the fish.

Do you know your four Superpowers that shape your potential? I am going to focus on this topic for the blog today. The four ATTRIBUTES=SUPERPOWERS everybody has are the following:

  • Life Orientation
  • Life Domain
  • Life Role
  • Interests Inventory

I am going to use myself as an example on how the Compass program works and this will also allow all of you to know more about me and my super powered potential…

The Compass program revealed that I am an: Intellectual-Philosophically oriented person, which makes sense because I always want to know the “why” of life. My life domain is: Information, which is absolutely correct because I love learning new things and sharing my knowledge with others, just as I am doing right now. The Compass program detailed my life role as: Leader, which is another correct assessment because I am a philosophical, thoughtful leader, and I use these skills in my practice, Living My Purpose. All of this information helps me identify and understand how to position myself in life. My fourth attribute, or superpower, is the Personal Interest Inventory, which details the things I enjoy and do well. The Compass found that I am an: Enterprising-Persuader and an Investigative Thinker, this is proven by my daily work.

So, once I have the information from the assessments based on my attributes… what is next? The Compass program automatically gives me the answer. I can get a rough idea by looking at the different categories on each chart and see which one aligns with ‘who I am’ and not simply based on ‘what I know’. Additionally, I can correlate the data from five different assessments, which are all included in the Compass system.

What is the benefit? Well, this powerful program concluded that I would excel in careers where I can use my analytical, philosophical, curious, and independent style to help others obtain important information and improve their lives. As you can see, this fits me perfectly and describes what I currently do in my practice. I research a lot of different material and figure out how to put it together in a way that will inspire people to find their hidden talents within. I deeply believe in individual potential and the power of living a life of true genius. My company, Living My Purpose, along with the Compass program helps individuals do just that… The Compass program confirmed that I have chosen the right career for myself. I am proud to say I am very successful with the work I do, and I also enjoy it… immensely. I am using my SUPERPOWERS to make a positive change in the world.

I use Compass to help inspire my clients and help them learn about their superpowers and how to engage their SUPER POWERED potential to positively change the world. If you would like to learn more about Compass and living your true genius go to:

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The True Genius Hidden Within

dreamjobOur youth today are at a great disadvantage, they haven’t lived long enough to understand and know what’s involved in a lot of the different college and career choices. Between the ages of 16 and 25, they begin making decisions that will impact their entire lives. Such as, what career to pursue, who to marry, what job should I seek after college? These are choices that young people aren’t in a great position to make.

Unfortunately, the numbers are discouraging. The overall graduation rate of those seeking a 4 year degree is only 50%, white students’ average at 62%, while black students’ average at 42%. Individuals entering a 2 year college with aspirations of earning a Bachelor’s degree, only 12% complete that goal. Statistically, the private colleges tend to fair batter than the public colleges in this regard.

The results are even more disappointing. The average student changes majors 5-6 times during their college career. Some the experts tell us 70% of graduates end up working outside their college major and field of study. 60% of the adults surveyed are not happy in their occupation. It is because they are using anecdotal data to try and figure out what they should be doing with their life. They listen to those closest to them; perhaps their uncle tells them they should be an engineer, or their mom says they should have a mathematical job. Maybe they liked English in school, which led them to believe they should get a degree in that field. This is where individuals get stuck in life, never realizing their true genius hidden within, therefore, missing out on a life filled with purpose and potential.

In my coaching practice, I use Compass by Living My Purpose to help students identify the right career. Once they know the right career, choosing what to study (if anything) is much easier.

Watch this blog online YouTube Video of the blog.


Living a Life without Regrets

Chrome Puzzle PiecesIn today’s blog, I’m going to discuss living a life without regrets and the three things that unlock potential. It’s not necessarily what we know, that can have the greatest impact on our future, in fact; it’s usually what we don’t know that is more important when making decisions in life.

I want to share with you three things that unlock potential:

  • Focus Potential on Dreams
  • Identify Weaknesses
  • Discover Propensities

Let me explain, potential allows people to focus on their dreams and helps them to understand the things they do really well. It also helps them identify weaknesses and discover their propensities, which are naturally inside them to help them succeed. With assessments, you can discover an individual’s traits, behavior, and personality. You are also able to pinpoint where their deficiencies lie, and that will allow them to backfill their weaknesses with other people who are strong in those areas, so they can move forward in their life.

Once that is made clear, then it is important to pay attention to an individual’s propensities. Coaching tools, like the ones I use in the Compass program, can bring to light a person’s interests, life roles, and life domain. For example, coaching tools can discover if someone is social and would excel in a position that involved a lot of interaction with people, or the assessments could uncover a pragmatic type of personality, and a career in accounting or actuaries would be a great fit for them. The assessments can also find out each person’s life orientation. It can identify if someone is philosophical in nature, if they are more vision orientated, or if they use their charismatic personality to influence other people. I use these tools heavily in Compass and I have seen amazing results countless times.

The experts tell us, we only live about 20% of our potential in our lifetimes. Every person should go through a process which will help them discover what their internal drivers are and educate them in the use of their traits. Each assessment should focus on the individual and their interests, and NOT WHAT THEY KNOW. Then, the coach should keep their distance and refrain from advice or counsel about college and career choice, because that unique person needs to discover the perfect career that fits exactly WHO THEY ARE…

If you would like to learn more about how you can use Compass to uncover who you are and start living your life intentionally go to:

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Are YOU using your TRUE GENIUS to RISE ABOVE the crowd!!!

question markI have some important questions to ask you today… Are you living your true genius? Most of us aren’t because we are living what we know, or what we think is expected of us. So many individuals don’t recognize the talents they possess within, and so they don’t live their life intentionally.

Don’t take your true genius to the grave with you!!! After all, we take the time to plan our daily tasks and we manage our yearly budget, but most of us never live our lives like we should, we tend to leave it up to chance. Living your true genius means leveraging your potential by being intentional about WHO YOU ARE… NOT WHAT YOU KNOW. When you live based on who you are, it allows you to make important life decisions. What you know, simply isn’t as important as WHO YOU ARE, because if you make all your decisions based on what you know, you’ll only have the information that has been made available to you. You will rely on what you have learned in school, in your profession, your environment, and your upbringing.

If you live your life based on who you are, rather than what you know, you’ll be able to examine different opportunities and ask yourself… Am I a person who would do well at this? Am I the type of individual who could make it through a challenge and perform at extremely high levels, so I can be most effective? Once you discover your potential and uncover your hidden genius, you can change the world. There is no doubt in my mind, I have seen it over and over again with people I’ve coached.

So, would you be more intentional about living your true genius if you could find out, without a doubt… what hidden talents reside within you? Do you think you would begin to live your life at your fullest potential? In my practice, I use Compass, by Living my Purpose, to help coaches and individuals understand who they are and to find out how they can live their true genius and make a positive impact on the world.

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Finding Your Calling

save by planning aheadThere are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Some of us find our way right off the bat. That’s not my story and it is not the case for many of us. The “experts” tell us we will live only about twenty percent of our potential in our lifetime.

That is a sad if not depressing statistic.

I wish I could remember who it was that told me “you do not want to be on your death bed looking back with regrets about the life you have lived.”

I am troubled by what I believe are incredibly important missed opportunities. Opportunities people are ignoring because they just cannot see how amazing they are, they do not clearly see the potential they have. We all know what we are good at, even at a young age.

Most of us, however, cannot quantify our talents, strengths, behaviors and personality in ways which allow us to intentionally apply them to our lives.

In this blog, I will share some of the things I have learned about how to live a life of purpose, a life which leverages the amazing potential we each have to great things.

Along the way I hope we are able to inspire you to learn about and apply your true genius to your life in a way in which others can look at you as an example of someone to emulate, someone who will not have end of life regrets!

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